Author Guideline

  1. The manuscript should be original and has not been published or under review elsewhere.
  2. Manuscript should be max 8 pages long, single spacing, Times New Romans, font size 10 follow template format
  3. The title should be concise and clear consisting of not more than 20 words, typed in all capitals with font size 17.
  4. No academic degree should be attached to author names. In cases where the authors come from different institutions, an index should be used after each name.
  5. Below the author name(s) should be written their academic affiliation and corresponding email address.
  6. The manuscript should contain the following:
  • Abstract, maximum 350 words with keywords ordered according to their importance.
  • Introduction, describing the background, problem, aim(s) and significance of the study.
  • Method, containing detailed and clear description of the instrument(s) and methods of data collection and analysis used in the study.
  • Result and Discussion, containing results of the study and their discussion. The discussion should be related to the previous findings, both of the author’s past research or other researchers’. Avoid repetition of the same statement previously mentioned.
  • Conclusion, containing summary of main findings of the study. Avoid repetition of the same sentences written previously under Results and Discussion section. 
  • Acknowledgment, addressing those who have provided assistance in the form of either research facilities or funding, as well as those who have helped during the manuscript preparation.
  • Citations and References,  Number citations consecutively in square brackets [1]. The sentence punctuation follows the brackets [2]. Multiple references [3], [4] are each numbered with separate brackets [5]–[7]. References is the final part of the paper, written following the IEEE style. Please use a reference management software such as Mendeley.